Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why is the Food Free?

You know what really blows my mind? How many people recently have asked us why the food is free. I ask people "Would you like some food?" and they say "Sure... how much?" then when I tell them it's free and that they should help themselves I get scared and confused faces and an inevitable "Why....?" As though perhaps I had put something in the food. It makes me sad that we've become so suspicious of kindness as a society. People feel such a strong need to question free food because absolutely everything has a catch. Why can't we just be kind for the sake of community building and peace.
So I guess I should explain. The food is free because we are trying to build community and put some of society's focus on peace instead of hate and violence. We're promoting equality and trying to cut back on food waste. We just want to take food that would otherwise be wasted and serve it to people who need it and who will enjoy it with us.
Anyways I guess I just want to say, don't be suspicious of our intention. We're a group of people reaching out to other people. We're not selling anything, we just care. Feel welcome to join us and enjoy yourselves. We're cutting back on food waste not selling anything.


Food not Bombs DC

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