Monday, August 29, 2011

Starting your own FnB

Hello Food not Bombs Supporters,

After a long bout of being jaded and grumpy I decided to check our e-mails and blogs and was thrilled to see so much interest in Food not Bombs out there. Unfortunately, I am starting grad school and hope to be working full time so I can no longer lead this group. Nevertheless, I am full of good information on starting your own chapter as well as handy supplies for once you get the wheels rolling so if you are interested in starting a new DC Food Not Bombs PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
I vow to check our emails consistently for the next two months so that I can be a support system so our new food not bombers out there. DC is full of a beautiful amount of optimism activism and hope and they really do need our help. It saddens me to no longer be the leader of this organization but I have high hopes for anyone wishing to start their own group. Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm!!!


(The former) Dc FnB

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Interest meeting

Sorry for the last minute post I thought another member was going to write this a while ago. Nevertheless, we will be having an interest meeting today at 4:00 in Dupont if anyone is interested in helping us re-start FnB for the spring. Hope to see people there!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Hiatus!

Hello All!

Just wanted to let you guys know that FnB will be taking a winter hiatus. It's just too cold to serve outside and it's only going to get worse! The food gets cold, people don't come out to eat it, and our volunteers freeze! Last week will be our last serving of the year. We'd love it if you guys could come on over and make our serving great! If you have any questions feel free to call us. We will resume our normal serving in March when people are out again.


Dc FnB

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hey guys

DC FnB really needs new volunteers. We are working hard to make sure that we have hot food every Sunday for people but it's hard work. If anyone knows where we could go to get food donations, if anyone would like to come help cook, if any one has good outreach and advertisement suggestions please comment or call 941 504-6569. Just as a reminder we cook from 1:30 to 3:30 in Petworth and serve from 4:00 to 5:30 in Dupont Park. We could really use helping hands. Thanks guys!

Peace DC FnB

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why is the Food Free?

You know what really blows my mind? How many people recently have asked us why the food is free. I ask people "Would you like some food?" and they say "Sure... how much?" then when I tell them it's free and that they should help themselves I get scared and confused faces and an inevitable "Why....?" As though perhaps I had put something in the food. It makes me sad that we've become so suspicious of kindness as a society. People feel such a strong need to question free food because absolutely everything has a catch. Why can't we just be kind for the sake of community building and peace.
So I guess I should explain. The food is free because we are trying to build community and put some of society's focus on peace instead of hate and violence. We're promoting equality and trying to cut back on food waste. We just want to take food that would otherwise be wasted and serve it to people who need it and who will enjoy it with us.
Anyways I guess I just want to say, don't be suspicious of our intention. We're a group of people reaching out to other people. We're not selling anything, we just care. Feel welcome to join us and enjoy yourselves. We're cutting back on food waste not selling anything.


Food not Bombs DC

Beautiful Day at Food Not Bombs!

Today was a gorgeous day! We served so much food! The menu was a pear and apple pie, pumpkin tart, bagels, bananas a pepper and rice noodle stir fry with teriyaki sauce, and a squash and cauliflower soup.
We definitely need more volunteers though. I am having difficulty thinking of the best ways to reach out to the community and get people involved. Today we had four people cooking, three people serving, and one person cleaning. Having such small membership is great for building relationships but can definitely be a little rough. If you're ever interested in volunteering please give us a holler. We would love to have some fresh faces!

Here are some pics of the serving today. Sorry they're not fabulous, I took them on my cell.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


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As many of you know, there was a gathering in Monterrey, Mexico in May, the participants came to consensus on three proposals, they are to: Improve the Food Not Bombs contact list; Have a Global Day of Action on World Food Day - October 16; and to have a World FNB gathering in Monterrey Mexico to focus on Inter Chapter Communications and Actions (

Well, here in DC we've talked about these proposals amongst ourselves, but we'd like to see some larger scale discussion of these and other points. We are calling for two gatherings, the first will be for the Mid-Atlantic Chapters (Boston down to Richmond and over to Pittsburgh) and will be held in Washington, DC during the first weekend of September (3rd-5th). The second gathering will be for the Mississippi River and East chapters (Minneapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, and East) and will be in DC during November 11th-14th.

At these gatherings we hope for there to be discussion on such topics as power and privilege, dumpstering, security culture, food justice, housing, the environment, much more. These aren't just for sitting around and talking though, there will be loads of food, shows, parties and radical cooks to get involved with. Talk about this in your kitchens, at your sharings, and with interested and interesting folks. We're asking for a r.s.v.p. for the Mid-Atlantic gathering by August 15th and for the East of the Mississippi gathering by October 15th.

Food and Solidarity!