Monday, August 29, 2011

Starting your own FnB

Hello Food not Bombs Supporters,

After a long bout of being jaded and grumpy I decided to check our e-mails and blogs and was thrilled to see so much interest in Food not Bombs out there. Unfortunately, I am starting grad school and hope to be working full time so I can no longer lead this group. Nevertheless, I am full of good information on starting your own chapter as well as handy supplies for once you get the wheels rolling so if you are interested in starting a new DC Food Not Bombs PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
I vow to check our emails consistently for the next two months so that I can be a support system so our new food not bombers out there. DC is full of a beautiful amount of optimism activism and hope and they really do need our help. It saddens me to no longer be the leader of this organization but I have high hopes for anyone wishing to start their own group. Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm!!!


(The former) Dc FnB


  1. So is there a DC Food Not Bombs currently? I would be interested in starting one if not.

  2. Hey, I'm moving into DC for a semester and interested in starting a food not bombs chapter if one does not currently exist here, but need some folks to work with on it.
    Also let me know if there is chapter, would love to help :)